“My menstrual cramps were so bad that my doctor wanted me to have a hysterectomy. After seeing Jaime once a week for 4 weeks my pain started to go away. Two months later, my pain has completely disappeared.”

Danielle Patterson, Chicago Park CA.

“Jaime DeGuzman offered to work on my back in December of 2007. I had a steadily deteriorating condition which caused my lower back to go out, causing considerable pain and immobility. With only 1 one-hour treatment, the condition was cured. It has now been 6 months without recurrence. I highly recommend Jaime's skills with acupuncture.”

Michael Deranja, Nevada City CA.

“I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, Candida and anxiety disorder. I was treated by several practitioners with no success. My symptoms consisted of spontaneous sweating, pounding heart, racing thoughts and extreme fatigue. I was at my lowest point both physically and emotionally. Jaime is a gifted and humble healer. He exhibits passion, calmness, enthusiasm, care and is a true professional. I receive weekly treatments and herbal remedies that are tailored to my changing physical needs. After 15 weeks of treatments my condition has remarkably improved. My illness turned me into a recluse. I am now able to function in society. My symptoms of 24 hourly profuse sweating, excessive body heat destroyed my life and my spirit. I felt hopelessness and despair. Now my life has just begun and my future looks brighter. My excessive sweating and body heat are minimized. I sleep soundly at night and a new feeling of tranquility has emerged. I will continue to receive ongoing treatments and I look forward to each calming and relaxing session.Thank you Jaime for your incredible healing abilities. You and acupuncture have restored my physical and emotional well-being. Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude. I wish that I had seen you sooner.”

Denise Fitzimons, Grass Valley CA.

After exhausting every kind of modern medicine, physical therapy, and medication that did not work, I wish I had found Jade Screen Clinic earlier. The results are remarkable. I recommend Jaime’s treatments for any disorder or ailment."

Linda Sampson, Springfield OR.

"Jaime listened carefully to my monologue of aches and pains. Skillfully, he applied his skills and opened up one of my channels which was blocking my energy. After my first treatment I was in a good balance of my Chi. This blissful state lasted for several days."

Patricia Chambers, Eugene OR.

"Jaime is a compassionate healer whose ability to listen well guides the effectiveness of his treatments."

Unsigned, Eugene OR.

"I am a very difficult person to deal with, especially when I am in PTSD and my generalize enmity is active. Jaime had to deal with this problem and successfully, within four treatment, improved my ability to cope with the world challenges. He is very skilled, interactive, flexible, and knowledgeable."

Sharon Shaffer, Eugene OR.

"Jaime is a true professional; concerned, caring, and very easy to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone with health issues."

Chuck Everad, Eugene OR.

"I have had two severe episodes of respiratory distress this year. Both times I fully recovered with a short period of time following Jaime’s acupuncture treatment and herbs. Thank you so much!"

Betty Fredrickson – Veneta OR.

"I am not sure how to say this, but I find Jaime very easy to trust and very comfortable to be around. I have recommended him and will continue to do so. Thanks so much!"

Unsigned, Eugene OR.

"I was recommended to Jaime by a friend and I have recommended Jaime to many friends and family."

Lori Standeford, Eugene OR.

"After a year and a half of knee pain that wasn’t improving with physical therapy, I felt no more pain after just two treatments. I have already recommended Jaime to friends!"

Stacy Vynne, Eugene OR.

Jaime is an exceptional acupuncturist and healer. Working with Jaime as a patient helps me to stay well and in balance. Thank you!"

Tamara Diaghilev, Eugene OR.

"Jaime has a wide knowledge of Chinese medicine and explains the treatments thoroughly."

Unsigned, Eugene OR.

Jaime is great. He is the first acupuncturist I have gone to, and I am very satisfied with him. If I have any aches or pains I will always go back to his clinic. Thank you."

Kevin Koontz, Eugene OR.

"OK, the herbs stink when you boil them. Clearly, pills are easier to take. However, I have found the tea to be far more effective. Not to mention how much better I feel not adding to the TONS of undigested pills that have to be filtered out of our sewage system annually."

Unsigned, Eugene OR.

Jaime is more than an excellent, knowledgeable technician, he is a healer whose actions come from his heart."

Norma McKenzie, Eugene OR