A holistic way to improve your health.

How Chinese medicine can help you:

When our vital energy (Chi) does not flow properly our health is compromised. There are many ways that our normal flow of Chi can get interrupted: physical trauma, emotional trauma, stress, etc. In today’s society, stress is the leading cause of Chi disharmony.


As indicated in several studies, including one by Stanford University researcher Robert Sapolsky, stress causes physical damage to the human body. In another study, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, found that 90% of all illness and disease is related to stress.


My goal is to help my patients maintain a healthy flow of Chi, which in turn, will not only dramatically improve any existing condition, but it will also significantly increase the body’s own defense mechanism, making it more resilient.

I use several different modalities to create and maintain a healthy flow of Chi, including, but not limited to: acupuncture, ear-acupuncture, acu-cupping, Chinese herbs, microcurrent, and Aroma Acupoint.

Available Treatments
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